The artist should arrive in good time and make contact with our stage director.

Instruments can be stored under a gazebo at the back of the stage. Artists can drive on to the green to drop off equipment before the event BEFORE 12:30 and then remove their cars. Acts arriving after 2 pm can drop off on the road next to the stage then park in the Methodist Church Car Park (not before as the church has an event on). No cars to be left on the green.

PA system is as defined above. To make things smooth, we will set up between sets using the monitors then turn up the PA once we are ready to go.

Mics will be available 1 x Shure SM58, 3 x Sennheiser E835 and Bayer shotgun overhead. Two direct injection boxes for instruments. Would you please bring an additional jack plug to connect an instrument to DI and DI to an amp if you are using one?

I am not miking up drums or bass.

Call Martin on 07973 22 33 94 for questions on PA.


All performers must read our risk assesment.