Ainsdale Village

Picnic on the Green

Sunday 5 September2021

1pm -5pm

Health, Safety and Fire Risk Assessment


The organisers of Ainsdale Picnic on the Green will be holding their third annual free entertainment festival on the above date, comprising music from six different groups/bands.

Ainsdale Village Green, which is registered as common land, is shaped similar to an isosceles triangle and measures approximately 80 metres at its base in Green Walk and 180 metres along its two sides; one in Liverpool Ave and the other in Liverpool Road. The Village Green consists of flat grassland with a stone obelisk war memorial, located in the centre.

There will be some general outdoor trade available on site.  Food and drink will not be for sale on the Green but it is available at the Chapel Café in the Methodist Church Hall.

Some of the volunteers have been involved with organising major outdoor and indoor shows for many years and are especially experienced in open air events. All volunteers will receive refresher training in appropriate health and safety matters prior to the event and a written record of this training will be kept.

Health & Safety Policy Document

It is the intention of the Organisers that volunteers working on behalf of the event, as well as members of the public attending the show, are all entitled to a safe environment and in order to achieve this, the Organisers have taken steps to meet Statutory Requirements, Codes of Practice and Health and Safety Executives’ Guidance Notes in dealing with fire, health and safety matters.

The Organisers accept responsibility for taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety of those attending the site and it has considered the health and safety factors of all aspects affecting the event. To ensure that problems concerning health and safety are speedily identified and controlled, it is the responsibility of all volunteers to bring to the notice of the Organisers any malpractice that may constitute a potential hazard.

The prevention of accidents, rather than their subsequent investigation, is at all times the Organisers objective and its’ aim is to promote a uniformly high standard of safety and accident prevention.

The purpose of this Policy Document is to ensure that all areas of responsibility have been identified and that appropriate safe systems have been devised so as to minimise the level of risk to the safety of all people involved in the running or attending the event.

Performers Stage

The performers stage will be provided by Pulse Stages and will also be insured for Public Liability by them. Pulse Stages will set up the stage on the morning of the event and will dismantle and remove it after the event has concluded.

Visitors tents and gazebos

Visitors may pitch their tents or gazebos on the Green but they must not be located in areas where they obstruct the vision of the stage by other visitors.

Volunteer Stewards

The duties of the event volunteers include:

Assisting the Event Manager in the safe running of the event, by acting as safety monitors,

Knowing the correct communication procedure when using the pack set radios.

Assisting spectators and providing general assistance, where necessary.

Knowing how to correctly use firefighting equipment in tackling a small fire.

All volunteers stewards will be readily identifiable by the wearing of a high visibility jacket.


A public address system will provide the main form of communication between the event organisers and the visiting public. 

The Event Manager will communicate with volunteers via pack set radios during the event thus co-ordinating an immediate response to any incident that may occur.

Access and Egress

There are no security barriers or railings surrounding the Village Green therefore access and egress is readily available for all, including persons with mobility problems.

First Aid Facilities

A fully kitted first aid box will be provided and sited adjacent to the stage area.

Fire Fighting Equipment

A suitably maintained portable carbon dioxide extinguisher, together with two, nine litre buckets of water and a fire blanket will be sited adjacent to the stage area.

Portable Diesel Generator

Electrical power to the stage will be provided by a portable 6kva diesel generator hired from Hodgson Hire, Ainsdale and it will be located within the War Memorial precinct to prevent tampering.

Power cables from the generator may become trip hazards, so the cables will be either buried in the ground or covered up.

Portable Electrical Appliances

All electrically powered equipment will be maintained in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1990.

Public Address System

The electrical circuit to the microphones of the public address system will be protected, wherever possible, with miniature circuit breakers and a suitable residual current detector.

Liability Insurance

An Event Liability Insurance Policy Document has been purchased from Beazley Furlong Ltd of London.

Third Party Risk Assessments

Stall holders will be responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment for their facilities prior to the show.

Waste Disposal

There are three fixed non combustible metal rubbish receptacles provided by Sefton Council on site.

As this is an open air event, smoking of tobacco products will be allowed but  there is a possibility for a carelessly disposed cigarette end igniting the contents of a litter receptacle but such a fire in the metal receptacle will be unable to spread.

A plastic bin bag for recycling glass bottles, tin cans, plastic containers and paper etc., will be provided adjacent to the bin near to the War Memorial.

The Village Green will be ‘litter-picked’ by volunteers after the event is concluded.

Vehicle Parking

There is no intention to use any part of the Village Green as a public car park. The Methodist Church Car Park may be utilised by performers and associates after 1pm.

Disabled facilities

The Village Green is a level grassed area and is therefore wheelchair and pushchair accessible throughout the site.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities, including facilities for disabled people, are available in the Methodist Church Hall, adjacent to the site.


Light refreshments and tea/coffee will be on sale in the Chapel Cafe, Methodist Church Hall, adjacent to the site. It is expected that spectators may wish to bring their own refreshments or Bar BQ’s for use during the event.  Disposable Bar BQ’s should be discouraged by stewards due to the possibility of a grass fire occurring.

Children’s Attractions

A selection of amusements for children will be provided during the event.

Ainsdale War Memorial 

To protect the War Memorial, this area will be cordoned off to prevent access as in the past it has been used as a play area for children or a picnic area by adults.

A copy of this Policy Document will be given to the management of the Methodist Church prior to the event and a printed copy will be available for inspection on site, at the time of the event.

Alex Myles M.I.FireE

Safety Advisor

20 August 2021